Monday, 19 March 2018

Snowy walk at Mayesbrook Park

Yesterday morning I walked around half of the park, snowfall overnight had left a light layer across the park. Temperature was -1c but the wind-chill factor was a lot lower! Saw a few birds mainly gulls of which I read a few rings to send in to The North Thames Gull Group. Never managed to get round to see how the Long-tailed Tits are doing, fingers crossed they are coping with this return to winter weather.
Egyptian Geese in the snow

Smart pair of Lesser Black-backed Gulls

The western end of the wildlife lake

One of the ponds along the western edge development

and another view of it

Looking east along the northern side of the boating lake

Looking north towards the sports centre

Looking north across wide open spaces

Looking north-east from the boating lake

Friday, 16 March 2018

Mayesbrook Park

Spent an hour or so at the park today, Long-tailed Tits are still building looks as if the dome is all that is left to do.

Gull numbers are beginning to diminish only managed to find one with a ring today. It was a pleasant walk in the sunshine but alas still no summer migrants although I did see a bumblebee!
Long-tailed Tit

Long-tailed Tit

Long-tailed Tit

Long-tailed Tit

drake Tufted Duck

drake Pochard

Carrion Crow gathering nesting material

Grey Heron not convinced they are going breed on the island this year as they seem pretty late starting

Beagle not mine but a nice picture

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Great morning at Mayesbrook Park

Arrived at the park around 07:30 and stayed to midday, so I covered the whole park with a couple of areas looked at twice! I'm doing the Patchwork Challenge here this year, and was really pleased to add an additional five species to my year's tally and not one of them was a returning summer migrant!

To put that in to some sort of context, so far this year I have visited the park nineteen times, I knew I was missing a couple of resident species Jay & Jackdaw but to see two pretty scarce species for the park was a real bonus. A Common Buzzard was seen flying behind and just below the treetops along the western end of the park and frustratingly it never showed above the trees for a photo before moving off west. Soon after two Skylarks flew low over the new wetland area beside the Mayes Brook, I may well have flushed them but they headed north until lost to view. And the fifth species was Little Grebe a pair were on the wildlife pond and single probably a different bird was on the boating lake.
Little Grebe one of a pair which never came close so heavily cropped

Mallard - wonder what he is saying?

distant Jay

Long-tailed Tits still nest building

Long-tailed Tits still nest building

Long-tailed Tits still nest building

Their well hidden nest, one of them is trying it out for size. In a week or two it will be completely hidden as the vegetation greens up!

Long-tailed Tits still nest building


another Little Grebe this time slightly closer!

Mistle Thrush

Long-tailed Tits still nest building

male Green Woodpecker, female would have no red in her moustachial stripe.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Mayesbrook Park - A quick walk

Sunny morning but with a cold gusty winds from the west south west and the odd spot of rain.

Second-winter Herring Gull A0XT was still present

adult Black-headed Gull 2SBH was present and only the second time I have recorded it here

Always good to pgotograph Long-tailed Tits

drake Tufted Duck

adult Common Gull

A Local Hawfinch

Late yesterday afternoon I managed to catch up with the Hawfinch at Dagenham Chase and thanks to local birder Vince for getting me on to the birds. This was the third night running it has appeared around 4pm presumably to roost in a row of trees in Dagenham Cemetery. It showed pretty well, often distant difficult to get an unobstructed view for a photograph. This was my first sighting here and for the London area!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Mayesbrook Park this weekend

Saturday still quite a bit of snow around and both lakes are about 90% frozen, the brook is still flowing though!

Added two new species on Saturday Fieldfare and Redwing taking my years total to 53!! And spotted a few gull rings.
Spotted a new colour-ringed Black-headed Gull 2SBH details to follow

Spotted a new colour-ringed Black-headed Gull T74W Just found our this is a Polish rung bird hopefully details to follow!

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Redwing there was just the one and it was the first I had seen at Mayesbrook this year
Fieldfares 5 of 13 seen and my first sighting of the year at Mayesbrook

pair of Mistle Thrush 
Black-headed Gull

Common Gull

juvenile Gull not sure which species

Black-headed Gull in summer plumage
Frozen wildlife lake

Snow beginning to disappear

Still at leaset one little snowman left

Snowy south side of the wildlife lake 
Boating lake is also frozen

Moorhen on the ice

Very little open water on the boating lake

Boating lake frozen

Frozen view fronm the boat launch area

Frozen right across the lake 

Sunday and it is starting to thaw 
More open water appearing

Heavily cropped image of a Reed Bunting pleased to see this today as I have not seen it since mid-January :-)