Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Rainham Riverside

Spent a few hours today walking the seawall, at the serin mound and walking the trail over the landfill. Weather was dull all of the time but not cold, the sky was bland and didn't lend it's self to interesting images, which was a shame.
Two summer plumaged Turnstones were feeding along the tide line near the visitor centre, but they were distant on a falling tide

noisy Oystercatcher flew over 
Six Wheatears today three along the shoreline and three on the landfill

Kestrel one of a pair

Just the one godwit seen and it was a Bar-tailed 

The large amount of dandilions were attracting a variety of butterflies including this Small Tortoiseshell


 Skylark on the landfill
 Lesser Black-backed Gull
 Peregrine Falcon flies over the landfill

Green-veined White

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Pollen covered bee

I photographed Andrena species of bee in my garden this afternoon. It was so covered in pollen that it's exact identity could not be determined, although it was probably Andrena nitida. It is a large Andrena with, when fresh, bright, foxy-brown hair on the thorax and a polished black abdomen. It is commonly found throughout southern Britain. It can be seen from April - June in a variety of grassland habitats. This species nests among short to medium-length grassland; there is no obvious preference for areas of bare ground. Nests are always well-dispersed.

It was fascinating to watch it going about it's daily business. You can find more info HERE

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Early morning at Maysbrook

Still struggling to add any new summer migrants but at least the sun was shining 😊
Bluebells are starting to blossom

Great Tit gathering nest material

How did that happen! I hadn't even noticed they were sitting, but they they are two young Grey Herons in the bottom right corner

Traffic cone helps to show off the frog tadpoles

Dead White Nettle

Blackbird enjoying a tasty worm

In coming an Egyptian Goose 
Mallard reflection

Great Crested Grebe - Big News we now have two pairs!

Speckled Wood, saw my first flutterbys today two Speckled Woods, one Small White and a Brimstone

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Mayesbrook Park this weekend

Visited the park both days this weekend and while I never managed to add any new bird species to my year list, I was well pleased to find a pond full of frog tadpoles. Checked them again on the Sunday and while there appeared fewer (probably some predation by crows of those near the waters edge) I did spot at least five Smooth Newts.

Brief views of two Jays on the Saturday and a high flying Buzzard passing over on Sunday. Good numbers of Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs and at least ten  adult Egyptian Geese but no young ones yet. Still a few gulls around 20+ Herring, 4 Lesser Black-backs and a couple of Black-headed.
Lots of Frog tadpoles

Frog tadpoles

Frog tadpoles

Saw this dog retrieving his ball and just had to take a picture!

Mute Swan close up

male Blackbird

female Blackbird

Mute Swans

Mute Swan 
Mute Swan squabble

Mute Swan squabble

Hgh flying and heavily cropped Common Buzzard

Great Tit

male Blackcap enjoying the blossom

At first I thought this might have been a courtship display

but there was a third bird close by

so pretty sure this is aggression

possibly a male fending off a rival!

Magpie dispute 
Magpie dispute

Magpie dispute

Looking across the wildlife lake 
and some of the impressive Willows