Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Mayesbrook Park - Again!

Another overnight frost but just a light one. Still cold at 2c with 80% cloud cover so some occasional sunshine.
Long-tailed Tit 
juvenile gull possibly Common?

Little Egret

a pair of Herring Gull

adult Lesser Black-backed Gull

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Mayesbrook Park - Three new species for 2018

It drizzled continuously and I was sure it was supposed to brighten up! But my day was brightened first by not one but two singing Song Thrush and then a Common Snipe flew from the brook. Saving possibly the best to last a near full adult summer Mediterranean Gull...lovely

young Black-headed Gull

Mute Swan take-off

and another looking much more serene

Black-headed Gull splash down

Common Gull fly-by

and another one

Mr & Mrs Egyptian Goose

and again

Little Egret

Pied Wagtail

Long-tailed Tit

Herring Gull

Robin giving it large

near adult summer Mediterranean Gull

and a flight shot of the Med Gull

Common Gull

Someone enjoying feeding the birds and attracting quite a gathering

Robin in the rain

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Mayesbrook Park - Walking the dog!

Spent a few hours at Mayesbrook this morning, the morning began with an overnight frost and with clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine, the temperature was now 3°C. This must be at least my fourth visit without adding a new bird species to my year list for the site, roll on spring migration! I also couldn't find any gulls with rings to read today either! I did take a few pictures though and the first four were taken with my iPhone 6.

The wildlife lake looking good in the sunshine

Wildlife lake from a different angle

and again

The Willow Trees looking yellow in the sunshine

Egyptian Goose strutting his stuff there are still at least four around the park

Long-tailed Tit hiding from me but looks as if it's already collecting lichen for nest building

Tufted Duck male

Tufted Duck male

Teal drake

Teal a pair and our smallest duck.

Spotted a Fox catching forty weeks in the sun

I never disturbed it and left it to it's sleep, it was still there an hour later as I walked back past

Good to see a Mistle Thrush

Even better to see a pair!

Coco looks so demonic when running towards you!

This ones she looks even worse, glad she ain't big otherwise I'd run a mile!

And a Pied Wagtail to finish with

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

News on the Gull rings I read on Sunday!

Extremely fast and efficient reply from Paul Roper of the North Thames Gull Group I can't believe he turned around the information in just three days! I find it quite fascinating and will certainly look for more coloured ringed Gulls.

Black-headed Gull with a yellow coloured ring marked 2HHV. This was ringed at Rainham Tip on 2nd January 2015, interestingly it was also recorded at Mayesbrook on exactly the same day in 2016.

Black-headed Gull with a yellow coloured ring marked 2J87. This was ringed at Pitsea Landfill 11th March 2017

Black-headed Gull with a yellow coloured ring marked 2JBH. This was also ringed at Pitsea Landfill but on 24th January 2015.

Herring Gull with an orange coloured ring marked A0XT. This was also ringed at Pitsea Landfill site on 19th November 2016.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Mayesbrook Park - First visit this February

Lovely sunny morning although there was a cold breeze. Never added to my 48 bird species seen in the park so far this year. Although I did see the Water Rail again and counted three Little Egrets.

Looking west from the road end of the wildlife lake

Looking west from the road end of the wildlife lake

Ring-necked Parakeets still going throgh courtship rituals

Looking west along the south side of wildlife lake

A couple of old and large willows

Willow trunk bark

A tall willow

One of the small pools along the western edge of the park

Mayes Brook which runs nort to south along the park's western boundary

Mayes Brook which runs nort to south along the park's western boundary

Waterside Close entrance the most northerly part of the park

There are a number of interesting trees along the northern boundary

View from the boating changing rooms, looking north across the centre of the park to the green sports stadium in the distant

Little Egret counted three today

Wood Pigeon
Read a few Gull rings today three Black-headed Gulls and I think a Herring Gull

All the ring info has been sent to the relevant ringing projects.